It is not too late to implement the Online “I Care” Positive Parenting Character Curriculum this school term. We can provide access to the curriculum the same day we receive your purchase order or other forms of payment. Discounted rates per student are now available. Call Elbert Solomon today at 229.942.3316.


The Online “I Care” Data Collection & Evaluation Service, which comes with the “I Care” Curriculum, provides educators with a quantitative way to measure parental involvement and parent participation monthly. It also provides schools with a way to set parental involvement goals, a meaningful way to celebrate successes with data, and a proven way to identify improvement opportunities.

  • Families provide the primary educational environment.
  • Parent involvement at home in their children’s education improves student achievement.
  • The benefits of parent involvement are not limited to early childhood or the elementary school level. There are continuing positive effects through high school.
  • Children from low-income and culturally-diverse and racially-diverse families have the most to gain when schools involve parents.
  • Parent involvement is most effective when it is comprehensive, supportive, long-lasting, and well-planned.

It is now time to kick-start parental involvement, character development, and community involvement in a whole new way with a proven achievement curriculum. The “I Care” Positive Parenting & Character Curriculum can help you reach all parents each month; improve student achievement; as well as document and measure parental involvement for each student, classroom, school, and district. The “I Care” Curriculum is available online along with an innovative parental involvement measuring system.

Plan your parental involvement budget for next year and implement the “I Care” Curriculum to ensure that students and parents can get the maximum benefit of the education you provide.


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