About the “I Care” Parental Involvement
& Character Education Curriculum

The “I Care” Positive Parenting & Character Curriculum was developed in 1996 and is continuously improved. It provides educators with a research-based, practical, structured, and measurable curriculum to:

Increase Parental Involvement & Character Education & Community Involvement

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“I Care” continues to evolve. All the curriculum components are research-based and comprehensive for elementary, middle, and high school students, parents, teachers, and community partners. Today, over 100,000 classrooms have successfully implemented “I Care” in grades Pre-K through 12 & Toddler. It is enabling those classrooms, schools, and districts nationally and internationally to:

Elbert Solomon, the developer of “I Care,” started out as a high school teacher before transitioning to Chemical Engineering and corporate business. He integrated into “I Care” the Total Quality Management (TQM) principles originated by William Deming, who revolutionized the Japanese economy. After teaching and mentoring many children who were not achieving to their full potential, Mr. Solomon and his wife were motivated to develop a practical parent involvement character curriculum.

“I Care” Products & Services is the sole supplier of the “I Care” Positive Parenting & Character Curriculum, the Online “I Care” Parental Involvement Measuring System, the “I Care” Parent Portal, and the “I Care” Apps.

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