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“I Care” Grams

$9.95 (Pack of 100)

Product Code: I-GRAM

These 5½" x 8½" notes are excellent ways to have positive contact with your students’ parents. The pad includes duplicates so you can keep a copy of the notes you write.


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“I Care” Teacher Note Pad


Product Code: I-NTPD

100 sheet pad for making positive contacts each month.


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“I Care” Sticker


Product Code: I-STCK

2" round sticker.


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“I Care” Magnetic Photo Frame


Product Code: I-PHTO

Center comes out to create a photo frame and an extra magnet.


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“I Care” Reminder Magnet


Product Code: I-MGNT

Parents can put this magnet on their refrigerator to help them remember to complete their Feedback Form.


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“I Care” Pencils


Product Code: I-PNCL

#2 Pencils. Pencils come in assorted colors.


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“I Care” Bumper Sticker


Product Code: I-BMPR

Help parents celebrate their involvement with this positive bumper sticker.


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“I Care” Parent Training Brochures (English)

$5.00 (Pack of 30)

Product Code: I-BROC

For distributing at “I Care” Parent Training. This brochure is essential for easily getting parents on board with the “I Care” implementation at your school. Available in English & Spanish!


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“I Care” Parent Training Brochures (Spanish)

$5.00 (Pack of 30)

Product Code: I-SBRO


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“I Care” Parenting Pledge


Product Code: I-PLDG

Great way to make “I Care” visible at home! Paper, 8½" x 11".


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“I Care” Balloons


Product Code: I-BALN

Celebrate! Balloons come in five colors: teal, green, mauve, red, and blue.

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“I Care” ID/Luggage Tag


Product Code: I-IDTG

Hard plastic tag holder with plastic strap.


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